Casino Mini Rail and Museum.

For the whole family!

                           Open Every Sunday 10am to 4pm

 (Pacific Coast Railway Society Inc.)







 The Casino Mini Rail & Museum is run totally by volunteers for the enjoyment of families and for those who wish to know more about railways, particularly the railway in this area.

Proceeds generated by the mini rail, annual membership fees, rides, and donations are all put back into the mini rail for maintenance of track/rolling stock and surroundings, rents and rates.

The railway track is a dual gauge line consisting 7¼ & 5 inch gauges. It is the largest dual gauge track in New South Wales, and the second largest in Australia. A round trip on our mini rail is around 25 minutes at a cost of $5 per person. All of our drivers are trained, qualified and licensed. Each driver is equipped with a two way radio and trains are operated under a modified Safeworking System known as "Train Order Working".

The Casino township is known as the "Beef Capital of Australia" and the mini rail is ranked as one of the towns major attractions. 



 A classic look at the Casino Mini Rail & Museum. 



Some action at the 2015 October Long Weekend. Enjoy!
 As 2015 draws to a close we have a look at some of the train activity on the Casino Mini Rail & Museum over the past year.



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 Enjoy this presentation on the mini rail and remember to come and visit us the next time your in the region.  




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